Sleep Shaper


Online consultation to educate, support and optimise baby sleep


Sleep Shaper for 0-6 months

Who is it for: For parents of babies from birth to 6 months. This is not sleep training but giving you the tools to optimise your baby’s sleep. I will help you to understand your baby’s sleep cues, their sleep needs and help create sleep conducive routines to optimise sleep. It is not about getting your baby to ‘sleep through the night’ but rather putting everything into place and help establish their sleep/wake cycle so that this will happen when they are ready. I can help you on the path for better sleep for you and your baby.

What’s included:

  • Detailed assessment of your current situation via a comprehensive questionnaire and 72 hour sleep diary.
  • 60 minute online consultation
  • Access to my comprehensive 0-6 month online sleep guide (value £30)
  • Understanding newborn sleep and how this changes over the first 6 months including:
    • Understanding normal sleep physiology
    • Circadian rhythms and melatonin
    • What happens during sleep and sleep cycles
    • The changes in sleep cycles by age
    • Self-soothers and signallers
    • What normal infant sleep looks like
    • Setting your baby’s body rhythm
    • Reading your baby’s cues
    • Overtiredness
    • Bedtime routines
    • Habit stacking sleep associations
    • Tips on self-care
    • Common myths about sleep and the truth
    • Sleep regressions
    • Troubleshooting Naps – dropping naps, short naps, nap refusal