Online Group Coaching Program 

  • Are you feeling exhausted as you have a little one who wakes frequently in the night?
  • Have you tried everything and nothing has worked?
  • Do you feel confused and overwhelmed with so much information out there and unsure where to start?

This 4 week interactive program is for exhausted parents who want to help their little one sleep well at night with a gentle and responsive approach without ‘sleep-training’. 

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Working with Michelle we now have a structured plan and we can see an attainable end goal. We are moving slowly and gently and feel empowered to do so - listening to our baby's needs the whole time. Michelle responded to any questions quickly and was very understanding of our worries and anxieties. Michelle's answers always gave us a practical solution and quietened the whirring brain so we could concentrate on our baby and not sleep anxiety. The group dynamic was also really nice to have as we knew other parents were working on sleep along with us so we didn't feel alone in our endeavours.
Baby sleeping in pram or buggy on a hot day
Sarah and Emily (7 months)

I support you to reach YOUR sleep goals

Imagine having your evenings back to spend time with your partner or relax watching your favourite TV show.

Imagine waking up in the  morning after a good night sleep with energy to start your day and enjoy being a parent.

Imagine feeling confident and empowered with the right information and understanding of sleep. 

Imagine a stress-free naptime and bedtime that your little one and you actually enjoy doing together.

What to expect…

100% recommended

Here is the feedback from parents who attended my previous group sleep coaching program…

100% of parents said that they now understand what to do to sort out their sleep struggles.

“I now feel I have the confidence to move forwards with a plan that works for us and our family.”

“We enjoyed learning about sleep and ways in which we could work towards improving it. We are now getting a full night’s sleep!”

100% of parents said they would recommend the group sleep coaching program to others.

The following modules are all covered in the program:

Module 1


Introductions and understanding how sleep works

Module 2

Sleep Foundations

Ensuring we have all the basics for improving sleep covered

Module 3

Naps Masterclass

Creating predictable daytime sleep and troubleshooting naps

Module 4

Journey to sleep 

Making changes in a gentle and responsive way

Module 5

Keeping on track

How to manage sleep through illness, travelling, teething, starting nursery etc.