When you’re totally exhausted and sleep deprived, it can be hard to believe that your family’s sleep will ever improve. Trust me, it can. Made a decision to start your journey to better sleep now.

Here are just a few success stories of families that I have worked with…

I cannot recommend Michelle enough, she has helped us so much. If anyone is thinking about whether to get help or not, just do it! My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. 

Our little Stanley (14 months), was waking every 1-2 hours and needed feeding back off to sleep every time so not even my partner could help! I am self employed so trying to keep my work going on hardly any sleep was incredibly tough. It was having a knock-on effect to work and personal life.  Michelle was really sensitive to this, she took time in getting to know us and put together a plan that suited us as a family.  I was really surprised how quickly things started to get easier.  It gradually was getting better and more manageable after a week but week 3 was the turning point when it just suddenly started to all click into place and he was only waking  1-2 times!

We did the 4 week 1-1 program and Michelle was on hand for any questions I had which I found at the beginning especially helpful to get Stanley’s nap times right, Michelle was there guiding me through it.  I now feel more confident in making the decisions myself.

Laura and Stanley 14 months

Michelle has been a lifesaver after our son stopped sleeping through the night for months and became very difficult with bed time and sleep in general. He would wake 3-8 times in the night and start the day at 4/5am. It was hell! We took her one-to-one 4 week Slumber Package and have never looked back. Her gentle sleep support has been invaluable and she was very accommodating making herself available whenever we needed her support during difficult times with our son. By the end of the 4 weeks, our son is now sleeping through the night and we feel like we know what we are doing, thanks to everything we have learnt in this experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any parents struggling with their child and sleep. Thank you!

Zelia and Jude 15 months

I honestly cannot thank Michelle enough for her help with Sofia. After 18 months of broken nights (Sofia would often wake up for hours at a time and would only settle when she was in bed with me) we were all exhausted and worried that we would never again get a decent night’s sleep.

From the very start of the process Michelle was brilliant. We had a phone consultation, during which I unloaded 18 months worth of worry and frustration. Michelle listened and took note of everything that I was saying, asking the right questions and making loads of great suggestions. This was followed up with a really detailed report, an immediate action plan, and a list of suggestions for good habits that can be implemented moving forwards.

The change in Sofia has been amazing. Over the past 2 months she has woken up less and less and now generally sleeps through the night. On the rare occasions that she does wake up I feel so much calmer and more in control – which in turn makes settling her so much easier. Since the initial consultation and report Michelle has checked in weekly – offering encouragement and advice whenever it has been needed. We are doing so much better than I ever believed possible!

Kate and Sofia 20 months

My son Oscar was 14 months old when I first spoke to Michelle & was waking up several times in the night and relied on being fed to get back to sleep. Michelle is very knowledgeable and took the time to understand my family’s circumstances in order to give advice and tips that would work for us. She gave advice on our daytime as well as nighttime routine which have really complemented one another. Her gentle and holistic approach was exactly what we were looking for. The bedtime routine advice has also benefited my 4 year old son as he is getting to sleep much quicker and without being overtired. We still have a little way to go as I opted for the very gentle approach, but talking to Michelle has given me the confidence to implement the changes and to persevere on those nights when things don’t go to plan! I highly recommend Michelle for any sleep issues/ advice.

Laura and Oscar 14 months

When I started working with Michelle, Anna was only napping in the car or sling and only for a short time as she refused to go in the cot. I was exhausted and stressed not knowing when her next nap would be. My back and shoulders were aching because of wearing the sling.

Michelle spoke with me for an hour and we established a gentle plan of how I could get Anna sleeping in the cot. She gave such calm, gentle and sensible advice that was easy to follow. Anna is now happily sleeping in her cot, sleeps for longer in the daytime and is a much happier baby generally. I’m so grateful for all her help and advice.

Emma and Anna 8 months

I could not recommend Michelle enough. Her gentle evidence based approach that utilises your natural mothering instincts is just the approach we were after. With a 9 month old co-sleeping baby who could only fall asleep whilst being fed by Mum, we were after a gradual move towards sleeping in his own cot and finding other methods to help him fall back to sleep rather than being fed. We have had a few road blocks thrown at us but Michelle has helped to guide us to doing things a slightly different way in order to accommodate for the challenges. Nothing has been too much trouble and she has always been on hand. We have a much happier baby who is now getting the sleep he needs. We cannot recommend Michelle enough.

Abby and Acer 9 months

“Thank you very much for your very sound, research-based, practical advice regarding my 20 month old’s sleep. You gave me many options to see what would suit me & my child. I felt encouraged, understood & it gave me the confidence to make the necessary changes within my capacity to reach my goal. I definitely recommend working with Michelle.

Ricarda and Alexander 20 months

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