Mastering your child’s daytime routine – Guide

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A guide to unlock the secrets to Sleep and Nap Success – For Babies 5-24 months


Unlock the secrets to Sleep and Nap Success – For Babies 5-24 months

Is this Guide for you? If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, then it definitely is:

  • Do your days feel unpredictable?
  • Are you struggling to figure out your little one’s sleep needs?
  • Is your baby waking frequently at night?
  • Are naps a constant challenge?

Every baby is unique with their own sleep patterns and needs. While some babies effortlessly fall into a routine and start sleeping well at night, others require a lot more guidance and working out.

When I support parents with sleep issues, the first step is always to establish a predictable daytime routine tailored to the child’s needs. Often, this alone can significantly improve night sleep.

This Guide will help you:

  • Create a predictable daily routine that supports better night sleep
  • Determine whether your child has low, average or high sleep needs
  • Understand how sleep works so that you can better assess your child’s sleep patterns
  • Become an expert in managing naps, including tips for overcoming nap resistance and dealing with short naps

Additionally, the guide provides sample schedules to guide you as your baby grows.

You will receive the guide as a pdf delivered to your email address.