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Are you an exhausted parent looking for answers?

Are you exhausted and desperate for more sleep but you don’t want to use any form of ‘cry-it-out’?

You’ve had advice from well-meaning friends and family and spent endless hours on the internet searching for answers.

But you find conflicting advice and this has left you overwhelmed and confused.

You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING but nothing has worked.

You’re not sure where to start.

 You want a clear plan, easy to follow practical advice and support from an expert you can trust.

I am here to help you. Let's get you and your little one a good night’s sleep. Every night.

Common sleep struggles I help with

I’m guessing you are here because you are you are experiencing one or more of these sleep issues. If you are looking to improve sleep and prefer a gentle, holistic and responsive approach without traditional ‘sleep training’ then you are in the right place.

A baby awake in their cot as waking frequently through the night

Frequent night waking

You know it’s normal for babies to wake up in the night but this feels relentless. They are waking frequently and needing you to help them get back to sleep every time. Your sleep is so disrupted it feels like you have barely slept at all.

You don’t want to leave your baby to cry but this situation is now unsustainable. You would love to have some age-appropriate, practical strategies and evidence-based gentle sleep solutions to encourage long stretches of sleep.

A mum and baby ready to transition form co-sleeping

Moving on from co-sleeping

You’ve been co-sleeping with your baby because you love it or because it’s been the only way to get some sleep. But now you’re ready to transition them to their own sleep space and get your partner back in your bed. Perhaps it’s because it’s no longer working as you keep waking each other up.

You need a gentle, step-by-step plan to make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible for both of you.

A baby resisting their nap in their cot

Difficult naps

Your baby fights naps and either refuses to sleep or takes very short naps, leading to crankiness and overtiredness throughout the day. You’ve tried various naptime routines, but nothing seems to work.

You are frustrated as you spend most of the day trying to get them to sleep. You need a plan to help you have predictable and easy naps that also allows the flexibility to get out and about with your baby.

A Dad trying to transfer baby asleep into the cot as having difficulty settling at bedtime and in the night

Difficulty Settling

You dread bedtime as your baby takes ages to settle. Your whole evening is spent in a dark room, feeding, bouncing and trying to transfer them into the cot. If you do manage to get them down, it’s only a matter of time before you will be up again to repeat the process.

You would love to have a calm bedtime where you baby is easy and quick to settle so that you can spend a few hours in the evening with your partner.

baby feeding to sleep at bedtime

Changing Sleep Associations

Your baby will only fall asleep while being breastfed. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it can make it difficult for others to help with settling. Or perhaps you are rocking to sleep but your baby is getting heavier and it no longer feels manageable.

 Whatever the sleep association is, you’ve tried making changes but your baby gets cross and angry. You need a step-by-step plan which is gentle and supportive without causing lots of upset.

A toddler refusing to go to sleep at bedtime as bouncing on the bed leading to a bedtime battle

Bedtime Battles

Your toddler’s bedtime has become a nightly struggle. What should be an enjoyable and calm bedtime routine often turns into a power struggle that leaves you both frustrated and exhausted. They are full of stalling tactics and take forever to settle.

You know they are tired so why can’t they just go to sleep! You would love a bedtime which ends with your toddler happy to go to sleep but nothing seems to be working.

Hi! I’m Michelle…

Gentle & Holistic Sleep Coach

I specialise in helping exhausted parents improve their family’s sleep using a loving, gentle and responsive approach without traditional ‘sleep training’ methods or leaving their baby to cry.

As a certified Holistic Sleep Coach, I have supported hundreds of families to improve their little one’s sleep. I offer online consultations and bespoke sleep plans to families across the UK and around the world. I also support parents through  my signature group sleep coaching program – The Good Night Sleep System.

My goal is to solve your child’s sleep challenge and help your child be the best sleeper they can be. 

Parents can look forward to peaceful nights, quiet evenings, and waking up in the morning feeling rested. With more time and energy to enjoy their children, lets take the stress out of sleep together.

The Baby Sleep Experts working with families to transform their sleep without sleep training

Choose your sleep support

I help families go from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed to having a clear action plan to start getting more sleep.

My transformational sleep packages are for families who are ready to commit to a plan and see a significant change to their sleep situation.

 If you are not sure which would suit you best, book a free discovery call in with me today.

A mum returning to work looking to solve her child's frequent night waking

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Here's what my families say...

Mum and child after using Gentle Sleep Solutions with The Baby Sleep experts

Laura - Mum to Lowry 13 months

I can’t believe the transformation we have seen! We joined the program when Lowry was waking frequently through the night and we were absolutely exhausted. He’s now happy to go in his cot awake, lie down and drift off to sleep and then we often don’t hear from him until 6:30am the next morning and I’m really excited to go and see him. We now have the option of either parent doing bedtime as he's not relying on me feeding him to sleep and back to sleep every time. We never left him to cry and the approach has been really gentle and responsive. The ongoing support through coaching calls with Michelle has been really helpful and I can't recommend The Good Night System enough.

Mum and child after using Gentle Sleep Solutions with The Baby Sleep experts

Rebecca – Mum to Lena 2.5 years

I absolutely wasn’t expecting this to work, but it 100% did and I wish we had gone to Michelle 2 years ago. The changes we made were completely gentle and in fact with less tears than we were previously experiencing at bedtime. We solved the bedtime routine drama and she will now go to sleep with a kiss on the head and me leaving the room, I’ve got my evenings back! There were lots of small steps, no cry it out or similar at all, but everything together just worked for us. Overnight wakings were solved and my daughter has slept through the night for genuinely the first time ever! Michelle is lovely to work with, and the advice and approach was fantastic.

Mum and child after using Gentle Sleep Solutions with The Baby Sleep experts

Rebecca - Mum to Serena 16 months

Our daughter was always fed to sleep and would never sleep in her cot meaning we would bedshare to maximise sleep. Cot transfers were a nightmare and there were many wake ups throughout the night. Within the space of a few weeks on the program, we went from bedsharing and frequent waking to sleeping in the cot all night with minimal wake ups. We have our evenings back! We used very gentle methods and were able to go at a pace which best suited our needs. I would highly recommend Michelle’s program if your little one’s sleep pattern is not sustainable and you would like to make gentle, considered changes to improve their sleep.

The Baby Sleep Experts are official winners of the SBS Theo Paphitis award

Frequently asked questions

After you purchase a package, you will receive your sleep questionnaire and diary to complete if applicable. When these have been returned, I will be in touch to arrange a convenient date and time for your online consultation. The information from the questionnaire and diary will give me a valuable insight into your child’s situation and I will use this to create an easy-to-follow step-by-step sleep plan for your child. We will talk  throughout our time together and I will review the progress on the way and tweak the plan if necessary. You will always be fully supported. 

I do not advocate ‘cry it out’ or controlled crying in any of my sleep strategies. Your baby will always feel supported and never left alone to cry. Having said that, crying is your baby’s main way of communicating and protesting change so crying can happen. 

I have completed the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program which is the most comprehensive training available in the UK through the Open College Network. This thorough training at degree level includes sessions led by world leaders in the field of infant care including a Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Allergy Specialist, Doctor, Dietician, Health Visitors and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Topics covered include allergy, autism, nutrition, anxiety, mental health, SIDS and mulitiples.

I regularly support whole families, whether that is twins or siblings. For families with mulitple children starting a plan at the same time the extra investment is only £95 per additional child. Extra time for the consultation and separate sleep plans will be provided.

I support and coach you the parents/carers to make specific and key changes to help your baby sleep well. I use all my training in sleep to provide a complete and holistic plan for you to follow. This is further supported with follow up over several weeks depending on which package you have purchased.

All families are different and whilst some will see improvements very quickly for other families it will take a bit longer. Most families begin to see changes within the first week.

When you choose to invest in working with me, you are paying for my expertise to assess your child’s situation, and my time to understand your sleep goals and identify the changes needed to meet these. We create a bespoke sleep plan together with changes that you feel able to implement alongside my support. The success of any sleep plan relies on you being consistent with the changes.

Let's stay in touch!

I understand – Sometimes it’s just not the right time to be working on sleep. But I would love to stay in touch. Pop you email below and I will send you regular advice and suggestions to improve your little one’s sleep.