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Exhausted parent?


Ready to make a change to improve your baby’s sleep?


If you are struggling with bedtime battles, frequent night waking, early rising, short or non existent naps or any other sleep related issues and prefer a gentle, loving and responsive approach without ‘sleep training’ then you have found the right person.

I’m Michelle, certified Holistic Sleep Coach based on the borders of Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. I love helping tired and exhausted parents who want to feel more confident in helping their little ones sleep well. We can work together towards you having a baby who takes predictable naps in the day, happily settles to sleep at bedtime and sleeps well at night. 

My Approach

I have an in-depth knowlege of sleep but you are the expert on your child. Using my extensive knowledge of sleep science and what is developmentally appropriate for your baby, we can work together to develop a tailored plan including practical tools and techniques focused on improving your little one’s sleep.


Children are unique and there is rarely only one reason why your little one won’t sleep. That is why I create bespoke sleep plans specific to each family which take into account your parenting style, your child’s temperament and your sleep goals.


I always use gentle and holistic solutions which actively support your child and maintain strong parental attachment. I do not advocate ‘cry it out’ or controlled crying. I will help you solve your child’s sleep issues step-by-step, helping them become the best sleeper they can be.


You’ve had advice from well-meaning friends and family, you've googled and read the sleep books. There are so many conflicting opinions, it’s hard to know who or what to believe. I will give you a clear plan to follow based on the latest evidence and research.


I offer a range of services to help families including one off advice or trouble-shooting for an individual sleep issue, bespoke sleep plans with up to 6 weeks of follow up support and group sleep workshops.

Personalised Sleep Packages

Every baby, every family and every situation is different. That’s why I create a personalised plan to suit you.

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