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Holistic sleep consultant supporting exhausted parents of children who struggle to sleep both online and across the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey borders. 

Family-focused sleep coaching

by Michelle, certified Holistic Sleep Coach.

Bespoke sleep plans using gentle, loving and responsive sleep solutions that benefit the whole family.

  • Does your little one wake frequently through the night?
  • Are naptimes or bedtimes a battle?
  • Do you want to stop feeding or rocking your child to sleep?
  • Are they waking before 6am every day?
  • Are you so tired you just can’t cope any longer?
If you are struggling with these or any other sleep related issues and prefer a gentle, loving and responsive approach without ‘sleep training’ then you are in the right place.
Michelle Brown holistic sleep consultant

Please don't struggle on your own.

I can help.

I understand that being a parent is hard work and looking after little ones is exhausting. Especially when you are not getting much sleep! I am here to listen to you and understand what YOUR sleep goals are. I have a holistic, solution-centered and family-focused approach, offering gentle and responsive strategies to improving sleep. 

Together, we will work out the reason your child isn’t sleeping well and decide on the best way to make a change. Looking at the whole picture, I will create a bespoke plan that suits your child’s temperament, your parenting values and your family’s situation. Every plan will give you all the tools to promote healthy sleep whilst building your child’s self-esteem, confidence, resilience and emotional well-being.

I never suggest any form of controlled crying and will always put the needs of your child first. Please be assured that I will not ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with. We will work together and I will offer as much support as you need to put the plan into practice. At the heart of every plan is knowing what is biologically normal, healthy, age-appropriate and safe. 

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Personalised Sleep Packages

Every baby, every family and every situation is different. That’s why I create a personalised plan to suit you.

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