How to avoid sleep problems when going on holiday with a baby

Sleep well on holiday travelling

For many new parents the thought of going on holiday with a baby can be rather daunting. Navigating unfamiliar places, changes in your usual routine and trying to get your baby to sleep on the go or somewhere new can all feel overwhelming. However, holidays bring such treasured memories and priceless family time and with these helpful tips I’m sure you will be able to relax and have a great time.

Here are my FIVE TOP TRAVEL TIPS that I have used with my three boys to make life a little bit easier:

1.  Start with a well-rested baby

The days before going on holiday can be a bit frantic with last-minute washing, packing and organising. Try to prioritise your little one’s naps during this time so that they are not starting your travels being overtired.

2. Recreate your baby’s bedroom

Pack things that will create some familiarity and remind your little one of their sleep space at home. Bring your sound machine, special comforters, sleeping bag, blankets and even their cot sheets. Also bring some travel blackout blinds to make sure the room is completely dark. Otherwise, your longed for holiday lie-ins might turn into a 5am wake-up instead.

If your baby is used to sleeping in their own room, try to replicate this when you are away. You may need to be creative if you are all in the same room by using the corridor, bathroom or separate lounge area so that they cannot see you.

3. Stick to your usual bedtime routine

Little one’s love a predictable routine as it helps them feel safe and secure. Even if the surroundings or timings are different, your familiar bedtime routine will help them know what to expect and that sleep time is coming.

4. Be flexible but aim to get one good nap a day

Holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing so don’t stress over how much (or how little) sleep your little one is getting. However, it is a good idea to plan your day so that you know your little one will be getting one decent nap. Your holiday will be a lot more relaxing without an overtired, cranky baby. If you need your little one to nap on the go, a Snoozeshade is a great for creating a comfortable dark place, free from distractions.

5. Get back on track at home

It will take a few days when you get home to adjust to normal after your holiday. To do this as quickly as possible get back into your regular nap and bedtime routine straight away. If you have introduced other ways of going to sleep whilst you have been away that you want to leave just for holidays such as buggy naps or co-sleeping, don’t continue with these once you are home.


If your little one was not a great sleeper before your holiday check out my top tips to help your little one sleep well or get in touch for personalised 1:1 support.