Frequently asked questions

After you purchase a package, I will be in touch via email to send you the questionnaire and diary to complete if applicable. We will also arrange a convenient date and time for the consultation. The information from the questionnaire and diary will give me a valuable insight into your child’s situation and I will use this to create an easy-to-follow step by step sleep plan for your child. We will talk and email throughout our time together and I will review the progress on the way and tweak the plan if necessary. You will always be fully supported. 

I do not advocate ‘cry it out’ or controlled crying in any of my sleep strategies. Your baby will always feel supported and never left alone to cry. Having said that, crying is your baby’s main way of communicating and protesting change so crying can happen. 

I have completed the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program which is the most comprehensive training available in the UK through the Open College Network. This thorough training at degree level includes sessions led by world leaders in the field of infant care including a Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Allergy Specialist, Doctor, Dietician, Health Visitors and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Topics covered include allergy, autism, nutrition, anxiety, mental health, SIDS and mulitiples.

I regularly support whole families, whether that is twins or siblings. For families with mulitple children starting a plan at the same time the extra investment is only £95 per additional child. Extra time for the consultation and separate sleep plans will be provided.

I support and coach you the parents/carers to make specific and key changes to help your baby sleep well. I use all my training in sleep to provide a complete and holistic plan for you to follow. This is further supported with follow up over several weeks depending on which package you have purchased.

All families are different and whilst some will see improvements very quickly for other families it will take a bit longer. Most families begin to see changes within the first week.

When you choose to invest in working with me, you are paying for my expertise to assess your child’s situation, and my time to understand your sleep goals and identify the changes needed to meet these. We create a bespoke sleep plan together with changes that you feel able to implement alongside my support. The success of any sleep plan relies on you being consistent with the changes.