• Is your little one waking frequently through the night?
  • Do you want to understand the real reasons for most night waking?
  • Are you ready to solve your little one’s waking and start to get more sleep?

If you have answered yes and your child is between 5 months and 2 years, this masterclass is for you! 

This masterclass will explain the real reasons for night waking and what you can do about them. You’ll learn practical strategies and solutions to help your little one sleep well at night unless they really need something. If you feel like you’ve tried everything already, this is for you!

We will cover:

➡️What is normal waking vs what you can change

➡️The sleep red-flags you need to look out for

➡️Reasons for night waking and what you can do about it

➡️How to encourage a more predictable daily routine for your child to promote better night sleep

➡️How to gently encourage more independent sleep while still meeting their needs

➡️ Two gentle strategies for changing sleep associations

➡️When and HOW to drop night feeds when you feel ready for this

You will receive access to the masterclass recording as well as a helpful chart of average sleep needs to help you work out your child’s most appropriate sleep timings.