About Me

Michelle Brown - Holistic Sleep Coach

Hello, I'm Michelle.

My journey started as a community pharmacist with a special interest in helping patients with sleep issues. When I became a Mum myself I realised how much sleep (or lack of it) can affect the whole family. I am now a Mum to three boys and know first-hand what it feels like to be sleep deprived and in survival mode.

All the advice I was given was to use controlled crying or ‘cry it out’ in the night but this went against my natural parenting instincts. I discovered that there are gentle alternative methods to helping your child sleep which do not harm child attachment and connection. The impact on our family was profound and I am now passionate about heping children to sleep well using gentle methods.

I love helping families solve their child’s sleep issues step-by-step, helping them become the best sleepers they can be. With better sleep, families can enjoy life more and parents get the rest and downtime they so desperately need.


I have completed the OCN Level 5 Holistic Sleep Coaching Course which is degree level and  the most comprehensive training available.

I have completed training on:

  • Sleep and Autism
  • Sleep and Allergy
  • SIDS and caring for bereaved parents
  • Nutrition and sleep